Monday, April 20, 2015

Earth Day Activities

This year, we made a recycling center at our workshop station. 

We've been watching the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle video at Brainpop Jr. and I found this Interactive Activity we've been doing on the Promethean Board.

Here's what we did last year and we will be doing again on Wednesday! Nothing like a little fine motor FLIPPABLE action. Woot woot!

We also planted seeds a few weeks ago and have been watching them growing daily. Of course, I keep forgetting to snap a pic! Our students love getting to water them.

How do you celebrate Earth Day with your students?

Saturday, April 18, 2015

QR Code Choice Ring {Tutorial}

This week, I decided to finally give QR codes a try. Turns out, they are amazing and incredibly easy to create! During our leisure time, our students can choose to play on the iPad as their reward for the day. Most students choose the iPad, so that leaves the teachers typing in website after website because most of our kiddos still have trouble with the keyboard on the iPad or they aren't even recognizing letters yet.

My solution... QR Code Choice Rings. Kind of like a choice board, BUT I've been obsessed with rings because they can easily hang in a students cubby. Plus, I can continue to add/take away choices as needed quickly. I call them CHOICE Rings, because these are the only website options (besides the apps already on the iPad) that the students are allowed to access. This cuts down on a lot of behaviors, because students know exactly where they can go; therefore, if they have to request help for us to type in a website, we will automatically tell them to scan from their choice ring, as those are all the choice websites they are allowed to access.

Please note: For the QR code scanner, type in "QR Code Reader" in the app store on any iPad, iPhone, iTouch, etc. that you have in your classroom and download the FREE version! 

Sooo... instead of typing a bunch of nonsense about how to make these, I made a little tutorial video to show you! Of course, if you have any questions after watching the video, contact me or leave a comment! 

Here are the links I used in the video:

If you want to give them a try in your class first, to give your students practice with scanning, download the freebie below with some Pete the Cat favorites, songs, and popular websites in my class!

Do you use QR codes with your special thinkers?!

I'm looking for other ways to incorporate them into our day!

Comment below with your ideas!

Friday, March 27, 2015

April Clothespin Tasks {Tip: Clothespins NOT Required}

In spite of 3 days of our Spring Break turning into make-up days, I'd say we had a pretty successful week. I usually set up everything for the month the week before it begins, but this month was a little different because SPRING IS (finally) HERE!