Sunday, July 13, 2014

Special Educator's Everything Binder {Set Up Video!}

My days are super busy. Like - don't pee until 5 PM but I've had about 8 cups of coffee to keep going - BUSY! I don't have time to be unorganized. It is not an option! Throughout my short {4 year} teaching career, I've created several forms here and there that have helped me stay on top of my game. I finally had time this summer to put ALL of those forms together and make them TPT pretty, and now they are all available to you in one happy download! In order to make it a bit easier to navigate through the HUGE .zip file you've purchased, I've decided to make a little video to show you my binder.

Of course, since it is the beginning of the year most of the information is still blank, partly because it's confidential and I wouldn't be allowed to film it. :)

Anyways... enjoy the loooong video (sorry, I can get wordy!) and let me know if you have any additional questions.

What's included:

This 500+ page resource provides you with everything you need to stay on top of organization and stay away from the stress that comes along with being a special educator.

All the binder pages come in 3 different font styles, color and black and white printer friendly pages. You can choose to use the non-editable PDF versions that you write on OR you can “Build Your Own Editable Binder” using Powerpoint and text boxes so you don’t have to write a thing (picture directions included). 

Here’s what’s included:

• 2 page month view
• 1 page month view
• 2 page year at a glance
• 1 page week at a glance

Lesson and Unit Planning
• 2 page view (3 different versions)
• Zone Planning Charts (1-3 Assistants)
• Student Schedule Cheat Sheets
• 2 page monthly themes spread
• 1 page monthly themes spread
• Theme materials sheet
• Pinteresting Ideas note page
• Unit Planning Sheet
• Material Inventory Sheets (Reading, Language, Math, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Sensory, Social Skills, Art, Puzzles, Games, Classroom Library, Technology
• Teacher Purchased Materials Sheet 

Important Information
• School Contact List
• Special Ed Contact List
• Password Log
• Library Books Log
• Favorite Substitutes Sheet
• Daily Schedule
• Weekly Specials
• Zone Planning Charts (1 TA, 2 TAs, 3 TAs)
• Student Schedule Cheat Sheet Chart
• Student List
• Student Information Sheets (2 versions)
• Birthday Chart
• Allergies Chart
• Transportation Chart
• Form Log 
• 2 page view checklist view (grading, papers, checklists, attendance, etc.)
• Student Tech Cards

• Caseload Checklist
• IEP Snapshot
• Service Provided Log
• Annual Review Dates Sheet
• Reevaluation Dates Sheet
• Initial Referrals Dates Sheet
• Initial Referrals Timeline Log
• Student Assessment Log
• Reading Levels Chart
• Basic Skills Mastery Chart
• Reading Skills Mastery Chart
• Math Skills Mastery Chart
• Fine Motor Mastery Chart
• Individual Student Levels Sheet (IEP Prep)

Parent Communication
• Communication Log
• Communication Log 2 (lengthy convos – blank and lined)
• Notes Home Log
• Meeting Reminder Cards
• Positive Note Cards

Events, Trips, and Volunteers
• 2 page Class Events Chart 
• 1 page Class Events Chart 
• Classroom Event information sheet
• Classroom sign-in sheet
• Field Trip information sheet
• Field Trip sign in/out sheet (attendance)
• Classroom Volunteers Info Chart
• Classroom Volunteer Form
• Volunteer Lesson Activity Plan 

Meetings and Professional Development
• Staff Meeting Notes (2 versions)
• Team Meeting Notes
• Professional Development Log
• Professional Development Notes Sheet
• Notebook paper notes pages

• This and that
• Daily tasks
• “Always something to do” List
• Half sheet checklist 
• Teacher Assistant Sheet
• Beginning of the Year Madness Checklist
• Teacher Work Day Checklist

-Color and BW Dividers Pages 
-Avery Print-on Divider Templates (8 tabs)

Avery Print-on Dividers

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Advice from Mrs. Dixon :) {SPED teacher linky}

So, I am a terrible blogger. I mean, the worst! Although I am very active on Instagram & love the teacher community on there - I miss blogging! I'm hoping this fun little summer linky will be a good kick off point to get back at it. Plus, I just put together a HUGE binder for TPT & blogging, so that should help me stay on track {fingers crossed}.

I'm linking up with Tales of a Carolina Girl this evening.. such a cute & fun idea! Head over to her blog to see some AH-mazing SPED teachers!

Here are some past posts that might help you in your endeavors of starting out :)

Be ProActive Series (written while I was a resource teacher}

A Day in my AU Classroom (current series all about how I set up my room, schedule, plans, etc.}

Since I officially have ONE MONTH before returning to the SAME classroom (amazing!), I will be posting all about my preparations!! STAY TUNED, FRIENDS!

As always, PLEASE e-mail me with any questions!! I'm always happy to help! :)
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer Basic Skills Pack Posted!

Just posted!

Perfect for summer school or a summer pack to send home for parents to use!

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