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Sunday, September 16, 2012 / 5 comments
I went to a training last Monday on autism that was super informative. I took a few autism classes in college, but each individual with autism has such unique needs that it's very difficult to take in all that information in just a few hours a week and feel fully prepared as a teacher. The real education comes when you have actual students. 

The presenter directed us go to the website below to look around. I was immediately shocked by the amount of information it had! Since then, I have watched several modules that pertain to what my current students' need. They even give you different strategies to try with students.

I would highly recommend this site to anyone who feels they need to brush up their expertise on how to meet the needs of students with autism. 

Plus, it's FREE! Just sign up here.


  1. Hey! I teach kids with autism (among other things) and I love finding other SPED blogs! I'm your newest follower :) I look forward to swapping ideas with you!

    The Lower Elementary Cottage

  2. Hi Lisa!

    Thank you for visiting! I promise I will get to writing more once the school year calms down. I am definitely looking forward to swapping ideas. It can be so hard to find resources for special education online!

  3. Thanks for the tip! I'll check that out. I teach elementary resource and sometimes have kids with Autism. I love finding other special education blogs and I'm your newest follower.

    ?Resource Room Rules

    1. No problem! I personally love the website because I am a little new to teaching students with autism and the modules really help out with some unknowns. I'm glad you found me! :)

  4. I often have children that have been diagnosed as being somewhere on the autism spectrum. I have had the opportunity to attend several workshops that have taught me some great strategies. One of the things that has really helped has been Conscious has really been a huge blessing in helping my other students in their interactions with each other by teaching kindness and helpfulness. I would love for you to come read about it.

    One of the most amazing things has been when we do Our Family Circle autistic kiddos by the end of the year have started making eye contact and allowing others to touch, hug, high five, etc. =)

    I am so happy to have found your blog...I am a new follower. =)

    I would be honored to have you as a follower.

    Heather's Heart


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