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Thursday, November 29, 2012 / 2 comments
This week has been a busy one at school! We had a visit from an author, Cheryl Ware. She met with each grade level and did a little student writer's workshop with the students. They loved it! I will be posting on one of the strategies she used with them that I really enjoyed soon.

Until then, I wanted to post a little freebie I made up to give my kids little boost every now and again.

As a special educator, parent communication is very important, and kids feel awesome when they get to show their parents a "good note" from their teacher {since some of them tend to get more negative feedback than positive feedback}. I try to send these "just because" notes home to give my loves a little boost when they have a success -great or small- or whenever they do something that makes me so proud of them {my students are pretty awesome}!

I made up a cute little printable template so I can print them out whenever I am getting low. I always print on white cardstock. Help yourselves!

Enjoy your Friday! :)

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  1. I love sending home those notes too! I call mine "Happy Notes" and I tend to send them by email. My kids like watching me write them. They get even more happy when they get a proud response back from the parents and I read it to them in the middle of the day.

    The Lower Elementary Cottage

  2. Isn't is cute how happy they get over the littlest things? I wish I could do e-mail, but most of my parents don't use it, so I'll have to stick with the old fashion way for now! I like the idea of calling them "happy notes." I think I am going to steal that idea!


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