Place Value Stamp-It Activities

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 / Leave a Comment
Right now, a lot of my students are working on place value and the different number forms. To make this process a little more fun, I tried to use a more hands-on approach versus forcing them to write endless expanded and word form problem after problem.

We practice a lot with base ten blocks, but I was lucky enough to come across these old wooden base ten block stamps that I knew my kids would love {they love using letter stamps for word work practice}. Also pictured are number stamps that came in a stamp pack I purchased from one of "The Shops" brands at Target. They are my favs...

For my math reteach group today, I decided to give them some practice will all the different forms of numbers by making foldable books.

For this activity, I used the following materials:
base ten blocks
base ten block stamps
number stamps

I also provided the students with this quick and easy direction sheet:

And I had them reference these dry/erase charts if they needed some help with place value:

I also had my students complete my Different Number Forms activity sort and match up from my TPT Store.

I've seen some super cute activities for place value that I still want to do. For some reason, my little darlings have had a little trouble with grasping it - especially when asked about the value of a certain number versus what place value a number is in. I think these activities helped some and tomorrow we will keep at it!

Any other ideas are absolutely welcome! Enjoy your Wednesday!
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