Be Proactive: 10 ways to use Google Docs to collect and store data!

Thursday, May 23, 2013 / 16 comments
As I mentioned on my post here, Google Drive is a beautiful thing for special educators and regular ed teachers alike! If you need some help setting it up, check out this post.

For those of us that are blessed to have Ipads, it gets even better.
Google Drive has its own app to download -- Just search {Google Drive} in the APP Store.
Download, sign in and have access to all your docs in a sec at your fingertips!
It's perfect for us special educator "movers" that are in 15 different classrooms everyday.

Create them at the beginning of the year for your general ed teachers to fill out, or when an IEP is coming up, it is much more persuasive to get busy teachers to fill out a form online than to write out information by hand. I can remember chasing after teachers when I taught high school  - not fun! Just copy the code into e-mail and send it there way!

If your student’s parents are well connected online, this can be a great way to get information QUICK and it files it for you. You can always send home the paper form to those that aren't and input the data yourself.
Most schools have a program to do this, but some teachers like to keep their own daily data. Also, if you have a million different “classes” in one day like me and you are never in the same room, it can be super easy to take attendance this way (and you have documentation that you are meeting your minutes designated on each student's IEP). You could also include a section for you to fill out what you covered for the day during that time period.

Click for the name, date, and the service so when that time of the month comes you aren’t scrambling for dates!
In West Virginia, teachers use Edline to submit grades. Unfortunately, I do not have an Edline account, so it is up to me to keep up with any grades I take for my students as well as the grades they receive on their general education classroom assignments. I strongly dislike paper gradebooks, and typing information into Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets myself gives me headaches, so this is my solution.
Create a form and have your students go on to submit. The sky is the limit with this option, especially if your school is well equipped with technology. I have serious teacher envy of schools that have their own Ipad lab. I need to take the plunge at grant writing so I can stop being so jelly. Anyways, you can create any kind of test possible with the options given on this program and the data you can get is amazing. You will be able to pinpoint exactly what the majority of your students are getting and what they are not getting, so you will know exactly what to re-teach.

Daily checklists, Logs, Office Referrals, Suspensions, Records for Functional Behavior Assessments, etc.
As I already described here, this program makes collecting data for IEP goal's way more manageable!

Put the domain in as the subject, and make each "question" one of the standards and the answer be in the "date" format, so you can document when you taught the standard.

Create one form to fill out anytime you have contact with a parent. You can do it on your Ipad while your on the phone!

If you would like me to go into more depth about how to set any of these up, just say the word!
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 Enjoy your Thursday!


  1. Great ideas!!! I am going to download the app right away!!

    Mind Sparks

  2. Gabrielle this is awesome! I'm going to start using this next year! I especially love your idea to have general ed teachers go in and use it to input their input.

    Thanks for helping me get my party started!

    The Eager Teacher
    Miss Eager

  3. This is very cool, thanks for linking up!!

  4. Awesome! As a former teacher turned speech-language pathologist-to-be, I think this is REALLY going to come in handy. Thanks!


  5. Love google docs- such an awesome resource! I'll be a PK-5 special ed teacher next year and would love for you to elaborate on how you create/use these tools! Do you have the forms you that use on TPT (or elsewhere!) to download? (:


    1. Melissa, try this post:

      If you have any additional questions, e-mail me :)

  6. Thank you so much for the ideas. I have been teaching special education for over 20 twenty and the paperwork continues to increase. I take data and notes on students on paper, which goes in a binder. Each student ends up with a massive binder of data. I am looking for a simpler way to take data, enter it somewhere and then be able to track it. I may be asking for too much but I am on a mission.

  7. I just ran into you on your instagram account and follow you! I am totally happy with the amount of effort you put into educating us about all the great resources for special educators. I especially loved the google docs entry on collecting data for IEPS. I want to express my gratitude for helping your fellow special educators. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on how to use technology to make our jobs a little "easier". Isa

    1. Anytime, girl! Thanks for the sweet comment! Made my night! :)

  8. How is using google docs for grade book different/better than EXCEL? I don't get it? But would love a more simple grade book solution. I was hoping if I clicked on each of your ideas, there would be more information but there isn't.

    1. Laura - Using google docs allows you & other team members to imput data from virtually anywhere through the use of forms that you created based on the students goals and then you can turn that data into an excel spreadsheet or a graph of your choice. I describe it a lot more thoroughly in this post:

  9. How do you do the attendance one? Is it just one form for each class/block?

    1. Mary, for attendance I would create a checklist form to submit daily.

  10. I love your ideas about using Google Docs for CC checklists and parent communication logs! Are these easy to get set up? I am clueless about getting these started. :)

  11. I love your ideas about using Google Docs for CC checklists and parent communication logs. Are these easy to set up? I am clueless as to how to get started. :)

  12. Do you worry about confidentiality when using google docs?


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