Chinese New Year Activities {15 links to freebies}

Sunday, January 26, 2014 / Leave a Comment
This week, we are going to be learning all about the Chinese New Year. I've been scouring the internet for different activities to do, and I wanted to share! I found TONS of freebies - Check out the links below!

Starfall Chinese Fables - Introduction & 6 Fables 

Discovery Education has lots of videos and activities as well, just search "Chinese New Year" for grades K-2

Snack time options: Mandarin Oranges, Fortune Cookies, Wontons

Click below for my Pinterest board for January (Tons of craft ideas!)

FREE Printable Packs/Activities for K-2:
Good Luck Symbol Tracing (can glue onto the plates to make Chinese drums)

This will certainly help me next year when I'm scrambled to plan on a Sunday night! Hope it helps you all! :)

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