Language Station

In our classroom, communication is the number one goal. I use the language station in conjunction with our school's SLP to help students build fluency in any of their previously mastered skills (i.e. letter recognition, match facts, sight words, sorting by categories, etc.). It's such a versatile station -- I love it! When our SLP isn't in the classroom, I have one of my fabulous TA's run the station. As you can see below, the area is not huge. There is a place for students to match their schedule cards, basic data sheets, and some teacher supplies needed for the station. 

On the back of the shelf, you can see the "choice selections." In each center, these are available for the students to choose a choice center if they did all of their work at the center. The choices are play, bounce (sensory), chill out (reading), or sensory bin. 

Each student has his/her own box that includes all the flashcards he/she is currently working on. The boxes are color coded for quick visual access. On the bottom shelf, the student's language station data binders are held (color coded). 

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